Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just a clip I needed to share & post...

Hey Adrian (before you forget), lol I've had this pic I told you about for awhile now, since we played at the park last. I told you I would share it with you and the fella's. It makes me laugh a bit every time I watch it.  I haven't had anywhere good to post it so I thought, what the heck, break up the hum drum of  my blog a bit. LOL so enjoy the clip and until next time, remember the good time we had ball'n... and for everyone else...

...enjoy a sport I love to play and watch. This is Allen Iverson #3 w/ the 76 Sixers putting  the SHAKE and BAKE on #6 (not sure who? or what team?) but Got Damn was that awful or what? So when I played at the park last with my friends, I must say I got BAKED  like number #6 it was just as funny as this clip but in real time. LOL it was a fun night. And so I told the fellas I would share the clip and so I am...Enjoy!

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